Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kevin + Christina (The Story of Us, cont.)

*This is a continuation from the previous posting..

Looking back:

I received an e-mail from Kevin on October 2010, enquiring about a photo shoot for his engagement with Christina. Kevin had initially sought his friend’s help (*Allen Lau who is a photographer living in Australia) to recommend a photographer in Penang, and we just took it from there. * Thanks, Allen!

We started communicating through e-mails since Kevin is based in London while Christina is in New York. It was great that Kevin liked the heritage wedding images our shutterspeed website and within the next few mails, we were all in serious discussion of conceptualizing our photo shoot :O)

Kevin and Christina, thank you for inviting us to capture an important moment in your lives. You two lovebirds were so full of affection for each other (I guess the 3.5 months being apart from one another helped stoked the fire a bit more!).

The images from these postings are some of our favorite from that morning, a morning that took us from Chew Jetty to our finale’ at Love Lane, a humble yet aptly-named small street for the romantic and sentimental souls (which also happens to be just along Kevin’s alma mater, St. Xavier’s Institution).

All the best to you and may you be blessed with happiness always!


nishashburn said...

love this shot! looks like a levi's ad ;)

whoalse said...

The wonders of border-less world - London - Melbourne - New York - Penang.

Nice images. I'm glad Kevin and Christina are delighted (whew) as well as enjoyed the shoot. Pressure was on me when Kev asked for referral.

shutterspeed said...

Thanks, Nisha.. I agree, it looks quite a bit like a Levi's ad (credit goes to the couple, of course!) ;O)

shutterspeed said...

Hey Allen, thanks and I appreciate your referral! I can totally understand the pressure..haha..

p/s: And yea, it's really borderless..4 cities, 4 countries! :O)