Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kevin + Christina: The Story Of Us

An island boy and a city girl, whose worlds collided and hearts combined in a distant land…

Waaaait! I know, the line above sounds a little bit corny and mushy (even for a monumentally sentimental person like myself) :P

So here’s Kevin and Christina’s love story, in his own words:

“She's American and I'm a Penangite. We met in London when she was working here but unfortunately she's now back in the States. I'm going to be joining her in May next year though so our year or so apart is coming to an end. Oh and it just happened I proposed to her in September this year!

We're not going to have seen each other for 3.5 months (the longest we've ever been apart), so be prepared for a uber hyper lovey dovey couple! We're both energetic, loud, silly and adventurous. These shots are meant to be our engagement/Christmas shots so they're meant to be fun, casual, and just us”.

From my e-mails to Kevin, I could sense that he is a fun-loving and jovial guy; I told him that. I was proven right and when Kevin reminded me to be prepared for ‘a uber hyper lovey dovey couple’, they proved me right, alright! During our early morning photo shoot, there were times I had just wanted to leave my camera and watch them cuddle and kiss and get lost in each other’s eyes.

I am glad I never really took my eye or cameras off them!

Stay tuned for the next installment...

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