Monday, September 21, 2009

Hard Rock Hotel, Pg. (Part 2)

The 'reincarnation' of the awesome foursome can be seen in many
different forms at the hotel; one of my favorites is definitely this
Lego-like statues (about 2 feet tall) found at the Teens Club.
A pop-looking artistic piece of The Beatles livening
things up along the corridors towards the glass elevator.

A montage of the hotel room at the KISS floor.

The Pizzeria -Employees making sure the place is perfect
before welcoming their visitors for the day.
The Material Girl's bustier on display at the Hard Rock Cafe.

The late King of Pop, Michael Jackson at the entrance of Hard Rock Cafe.

Well, here's the continuation from yesterday's posting. I had the good fortune of meeting my guide for the day, the very friendly Mei Fang who took me around and gave me a better insight to the Hard Rock Hotel. I was also introduced to the Director of Sales and Marketing, Ms. Betty Lim who was very helpful and arranged for me to join the media representatives in capturing shots of the hotel room.

It was indeed a rocking experience!

And I can't wait for the hotel's real launch some time early next year.


nishashburn said...

kewl! cant wait to go there =)

shutterspeed said...

Yup! You'll have a good time there :O)

Jensen Ong Macus said...

photo: The chair
you snapped from below? You squat down? Or how to produce this angle-photo?

shutterspeed said...

I had to squat down to capture this image.

Jensen Ong Macus said...

Oh. Yeng ah! Squat down!
Squat Squat Sedia!