Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hard Rock Hotel, Pg. (Part 1)

The lobby - you literally have to look up to this hotel!
Nice LED lights streaming down to illuminate and create the iconic logo.

You can't miss this hotel with this guitar prominently
displayed at the hotel's entrance before you reach the lobby.

The Teens Club - a cool place to chill and have a strum or two.

Starz Diner - A giant mosaic mural of The Beatles
greet guests at the restaurant's entrance.

A close-up view of the mural, focusing on one of the
legendary Beatles' portrait - Is this John Lennon?

I had a rocking good time yesterday (Saturday, 19th Sept) and it was all because of Hard Rock Hotel! Ladies and gentlemen, the iconic brand has now landed in Penang and I was there to document the hotel's soft opening. Reaching Teluk Bahang at around 9.30am, I guess I was early since some of the hotel's facilities have yet to be opened (i.e. the Italian restaurant, Pizzeria). The sudden downpour made the day slightly more dramatic and to be honest, I quite welcomed the rain as it gave me more opportunities to interact with the hotel's staff and allowed me to get some creative juices flowing :)

The legendary artistes & bands:

KISS, Elton John and of course The Beatles - these are some of the biggest rock acts and some of their memorabilia are also showcased in the hotel. Among the artists, the awesome foursome Beatles are also featured very prominently within the hotel's interiors and have been incorporated as a giant mosaic mural at one its restaurants as well.
If you're a fan of the Hard Rock franchise, I urge you to stay on; there'll be more images coming your way.

So, rock on and read on!


Dave said...

Cool, buddy!
U've done a good preview of Hard Rockin'!

shutterspeed said...

Thanks, bud! :)

ck lam said...

This latest place in town sure has lots to offer to the visitors. I too hope to visit and get to go around taking photos of it.