Thursday, September 24, 2009

The ZENNE of Life

Meet Zenne.

Sweet. Serene...
And sometimes, cheeky too, especially when her rabbit is around :O)

Here are some of the pictures captured on a sunny morning. If you've noticed from my previous works, most of the images taken this time around are from a direct approach and not too much of tilting as I'm fond of. I just prefer to compose the image as simple as I could and enjoy the moments as much as I should.

Well, that is zen for me and this is Zenne for you.


Zenne T'ng Kuan Chen said...

haha,thanks for ur hardwork...really enjoy being your model as u were very patient with me even though i was robotic in posing and could not smile naturally all the time...perhaps, rabbit did a better job than i did...haha =p ...anyway, looking forward to see more awesome shots from you, gambate ya!!! =)

shutterspeed said...

Thanks, Zenne :O) It was fun having you as a model and in my opinion, you did well..hehe..

Next time bring more of your rabbits when you visit Penang!

Bee Lee Tan said...

Zenne has natural beauty and very photogenic,
a live rabbit might amuse her more........
what do the readers think?

nyonyapassions bee lee tan

shutterspeed said...

Bee Lee,
Yeah..a live rabbit would be good. We'd try to incorporate one for our next shoot. Haha!

Hmmm..if only we could find a 'sponsor' to lend us their rabbit..:O)