Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tropical Spice Garden

The Garden's brightly colored signboard along the entrance.
I just love the logo and the colors!

The lily pond shot from an elevated ground to show
the greenish-blue water. It's a must-stop pit stop if you're serious
in capturing some of the Garden's best features.

The Spice Museum.

A burst of colors from a bunch of small but vibrant flowers.

Spices on display.

This looks like another version of our hibiscus - I was
drawn towards the petals that seem to fold into a spherical shape.

A macro view of the flower above.

Wild berries?

3 years have passed since I last visited the Tropical Spice Garden.
Many things have happened since then but there is always some tinge of nostalgia (and sadness) whenever I pass by this place.
Well, thankfully I don’t have to pass by this place often, as it is far up towards Teluk Bahang and almost nearing the Penang Butterfly Farm.

I will not delve deeper into the thoughts that I have; it will always be kept in my heart and for me to visit them once in a while.


So, sucky feelings aside, these are some of the images of the very large garden. I spent almost 3 hours photographing the place and I’m not done with it yet. I had some tough time noting down the names of the many plants and flowers, especially the long scientific ones - please excuse me for that.

All the time bending low for most of the macro shots and even wading the lily pond to get some shots make me appreciate nature even more. I think I was bitten all over my hands and legs; well, those were the only noticeable hindrances I had for that particular morning. Mosquitoes just love me although my love for them is reciprocated with many liberal smacks here and there. Wham! Unrequited love? Nah..more like unrestricted love. Heh heh...

Note to myself: Wear long sleeve t-shirt and long pants should I visit the Garden again the next time!

I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures while I get ready for the next installment, perhaps? :O)


pktan said...

Nice photos once again : ))

shutterspeed said...

Thank you, PK :O)

Jensen Ong Macus said...

what macro lens u using? thats nice!!!!!!
super nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!
your Nikon de filter diamater is how many mm?
nice photos!!!!!!! macro photos!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICE

shutterspeed said...

Macus, I was using the Tamron 90mm macro. I can't exactly recall the diameter size 'cos I have traded in this lens for another lens :)

shutterspeed said...

Oh ya, thanks Macus. Glad u like the pics!

Jensen Ong Macus said...

Of course I liked the pictures!!! Bacause they are GREAT!!!!!!!!!
Owh... You have many Nikon de bodies?
Cuz my Camera only fits diameter filter 55mm... difficult to buy lens for 55mm filter... I have also recently bought this Tamron 90mm... Yet to explore it ...

shutterspeed said...

I have one camera body at the moment. The Tamron 90mm is a good buy - I'm quite sure you'll enjoy taking lots of macro pics, Macus.
Do remember to share them in ur blog :)