Saturday, August 1, 2009

A boy named Gio

The 'I'm innocent' look

Giorgio (named after the great Giorgio Armani) is my boy. We were thinking far and wide when suddenly my mum just thought of the name. I don't really know how she got to that, but the name stuck and before we knew it, Jojo (Giorgio's pet name at home) had his tail wagging in approval :O)

He just had his haircut last week and looks different from his usual frumpy self, thanks to his Maltese and Shih Tzu 'hair-itage'. I was actually messing around with my camera this morning and he was engrossed in playing with my other dog, Snoopy when I took this picture . In fact, it was really hard to get Gio to keep still; for those of you who have tried photographing your pet(s), you'd understand why. With Giorgio, he is a bundle of energy and will be more than happy to amaze my family with his doggie antics and sometimes his 'vocabulary'. Mention 'ball' and he would be looking all over the house for his orange ball, and the same goes for his yellow rubber duck-duck. He will search high and low for the items and will gladly bring his 'prize' and place it on your lap with a look that says "There, here's the thing you wanted!"

When it's time for a walk, all we have to do is say 'leash!' and Gio would run to his goodies box, tip toe and try to reach for his walking leash. He just goes crazy whenever he sees his leash. From a dog to a prancing horse, all because of a leash.

Sometimes, life's troubles seem so far away when you have your pet around you. It is like a child running up to you as soon as you reach home and your cares just fade away the moment you set eyes on them. Well, Giorgio is, afterall, a little boy in a small dog's body; that's how I always see him.

Now where's your duck-duck, Jojo? :)


nishashburn said...

awwww... jojo is so cute!

shutterspeed said...

Haha..on behalf of the little monster, I say thanks a lot!
Well, he is an angel and devil at the same time. Feel like wanna 'sakai' him..hehehe

Indie said...

Nice and interesting post.

shutterspeed said...