Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Best Is Yet To Come!

The common fly (I think!)

A collection: From garden to garden

Well, it’s been 3 weeks plus since my last posting. What have I been busy with, you might ask?
To be honest, I’ve been ‘looking’ for things to shoot and trying to break away from the ‘ho-hum’ and clichéd’ images– anyway, I think it was more of having the occasional ‘burn-out’ of too many things related to photography. Darn ho-hum conundrum…ggrrrr..

I’m not sure about you (if you’re a photography buff yourself), sometimes the inspirations come in droves and waves; one moment you’re having an emotional high on the many things to capture and the next you just wonder and wander (mentally and metaphorically). Do you feel that way at times too?

Anyhow, I try to look at it from an optimistic point of view. I prefer to see it as taking a mini ‘sabbatical’ from photography – I know I will be back soon!
Oh ya, while the photographic inspirations have been low for the past few weeks, I’ve had a new ‘high’ – I just started blogging on another passion of mine, Manchester United!
Have a read if you will at http://www.mancunian9.blogspot.com/.

In the meantime, here are some macro shots I took of plants and the insect realm. These were all taken hand-held at various locations ranging from my garden to other people’s garden (no, I did not trespass – I know I would be prosecuted/prostituted if I was caught) to the Youth Park.
These may not be the best but I believe the best is yet to come, like dear old Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble` would say!


yoongnian (YN) said...

Hey bro, I suffered from somewhat burn-out too weeks back. It's a weird feeling, and I felt I suck at this. Thankfully it didn't take long before I'm back feeling great again ;)

The shots in this page are excellent!

shutterspeed said...

Yea..glad a fellow photography buff understands this feeling.. and it's good that you're back to your usual photographic best again :O)

Anyway, it's only 2 weeks away to the new Premiership season. Thank God for that!

nishashburn said...

OMG! i love your shots and the angles chosen... didnt know you're a photography buff =) em, im adding your blog to my links eh?

shutterspeed said...

Thanks a lot, Nisha :)
Please feel free to add..