Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jerry & Katty's Wedding (31 May '09)

I love shooting weddings.. I know the challenges are great and the pressure is intense but these are the things that keep me on my toes, especially in the heat of the 'action'..hehe.. An array of emotions to capture and a host of 'blink-it-you-missed-it' situations to test the photographer's attentive powers.
The day finally came after much anticipation and all went smoothly. We had a great evening at Tian Tian Restaurant (Red Rock Hotel) and had so much fun watching the guys being 'played' by the ladies on the wedding day.It was indeed a pleasure and honor to be the photographer for Jerry and Katty on their most important moment to date :O) I hope you'll enjoy some of the images here and they certainly bring back fond memories whenever I view them again.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Calvin for helping us to take so much nice photos! We're enjoying with those nice, funny pictures. We like those photos so much as it capture our happiness, sweet moment and cheerful.Highly appreciate with your help! Thank you :)

From: Jerry & Katty

shutterspeed said...

Hi Katty.. Thank you!