Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rebecca & Shila

I had named this posting as 'A chance encounter in PFS' in my Multiply posting.
It was indeed an encounter by chance.. I was in PFS on Saturday morning to capture a few more shots of the school to add to my personal collection and was pleasantly surprised to see a group of young students doing some photo shoot with the young models. So here you are, these are some images I had taken of the photogenic Rebecca and Shila. A brief moment captured in time and all in all, the day started great and ended excellent for me! To Shila and Rebecca, it was a pleasure meeting you :O) This is one of the reasons why I love photography; things happen by chance and each encounter makes a form of photographic imprint in our minds.


yoongnian (YN) said...

Location look familiar. You may want to delete the spaces between the pics. That's the thing about blogspot.. the spacing tends to run off once you uploaded the pics.

shutterspeed said...

Location was our PFS, bro.. :O)
Thanks for the advice; will try to improve on the layout.

yoongnian (YN) said...

Students shooting the models at PFS! Of all places! :) And you joint in? Nice tight crop on #6. Has the dreamy effect too..