Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Best Shot (50mm) winner for Sep '12!

Fuchsia! I like the name of this color..and the way it rolls off the tongue sounds pretty cool..hehe

The portrait shot

The Sep '12 issue's cover

The sexy fuchsia tripod at its minimum height

It was a pleasant surprise from me, as I opened my e-mail account on a recent Friday afternoon. The subject header said: "Congratulations, your shot has won the Best Shot (50mm) for September in the Digital Camera Mag (DCM). Well, it may not be the exact words used, but I was nonetheless elated, AND suspicious. I've received countless spam e-mails in my inbox - this could just easily be one of the many on a different day.

I then called up the Admin Officer at DCM (Velocity Media) to confirm the e-mail notification: it's true. The single portrait shot of Mr. Subra (the protagonist in my photo story 'The Merchant of Victoria Street') won the shot of the month under said category. I was elated, to say the least. :O)

So here's the 'sexy fuchsia' tripod I received by courier - I've always been seeing the prize advertised in the mag and wondered how it looked like in real. I love the color (really funky pink!) and it's a fun way to probably accessorize some of my photo gears.

Thank you very much to DCM for the chance to win this, and to Mr. Choong of Velocity Media for arranging this shipment. I'm really grateful for the win!

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