Monday, March 12, 2012

The nightingale sings!

The ensemble (clockwise, from L to R): Faz Aznam on guitar,

Koh Keng Hui on bass, Jonathan Jacobs on percussion

and David Ling on clarinet

Date: 10th Mar '12 (Sat.)

Time: 8pm

Venue: Penaga Hotel (Pg.)

It was a referral from a friend (Dhanen Mahesh a.k.a Ksatriya) to start with...

…and to be honest, it was one of the fastest engagements I’ve had with clients – so thanks to Ksatriya (Danny) for the referral and Bihzhu for the quick decision in engaging shutterspeed as the Official Photographer for this gig.

The gig was held at the Penaga Hotel’s coffee house – a simple scene, with a pool by the side, and lights dimmed to set the night.

Being an intimate gig, I only used 2 lenses (although I brought the 70-700mm as well, just in case): the 50mm and 17-50mm.

This was also one of the very rare occasions I shot a live performance/music gig with an external flash.
I had to, since there was no other spotlighting except for the very warm ambient lighting from the coffee house.

Lighting aside, the nightingale was in her element with her easy-listening vocals. One of the things I liked about this gig was of course music photography (which is hard work + fun all rolled into one!), and meeting familiar faces in the crowd.

It was sometimes like a walk back into primary and secondary school, and instead of meeting at the school canteen during recess, we come together this time for the love of music :O)

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