Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just Justin

Thanks for this, Justin!

It was in fact, just Justin Lo. The Hong Kong singer came for a cameo appearance at Gurney Plaza without much fanfare to meet his fans and promote his 'Around The World' concert.

I personally know his hits (being a fan of his earlier 'breakout' songs especially), and was glad to be able to see him live in person. He sang only one song ('Meng Ngang') - definitely saving all up for his upcoming concert in Sunway Beach, KL.

Shooting Justin was quite a breeze, to be honest. No jostling of positions/angles with other members of the media - good understanding and respect for one another. I particularly liked it when Justin Lo was also very casual with the media, and there were a few times he gazed at me in between the autograph-signing session. Managed to get a few shots of him looking and smiling at my camera, and happy to share one of the photos here :O)

Caps/hats off to you, JLo! I mean, Justin Lo..

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