Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Showtime! The King & I, PFS (Part 1)

The King leading his royal court in prayers
Lun Tha & Tuptim
Eliza getting some divine help from an angel
Eliza tries to run away
The princes


Anonymous said...

Hi..If I'm not mistaken,I think you're one of the photographer. Do you have facebook? Or can you send me the photos?
It's very nice photos & I love it so much.
I'm Tonie, staging as Eliza in the play.
Thank you. =)

shutterspeed said...

Hi Tonie (Eliza :O)
Thanks for ur comment! Happy to know that you like the pictures..

I've just dropped u a note at your FB page.

Charisma said...

The photos are beautiful! Very nicely editted.
I'm Charisma btw, was staging Anna in the play.
Thanks for the photos! :D It'll be good if you can post it up on facebook or something.
take care. :)

shutterspeed said...

Hi Charisma,
Thanks for your comments..I really appreciate it :O) You may see some of the images at my Facebook page.

Btw, u did a good job in portraying Anna!