Friday, June 18, 2010

Movie Freak! at Queensbay Mall

Queensbay Mall's GM, Selina Ng, and YB Danny Law giving the cue to officially launch the Movie Blockbusta.

Date: 5th June '10 (Sat.)
Time: 12pm
Venue: Queensbay Mall, Penang

We were proud to be invited by the Mall's management to cover this event. The stage was set for the characters to emerge; Shrek & Princess Fiona, Iron Man, Predator, Hellboy and of course the very-sweet looking Chun Li of the Street Fighter fame :O) It was a simple ceremony, and guess who had the most requests for photos? He's (not) lean but GREEN, and with a big charming grin..

It's S-H-R-E-KKKK!!

Step aside, Wayne Rooney (hehehe) :P

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