Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kew Ong Yeah: The Send-Off

It's a team effort; from holding the ends of the skewers to
braiding their hairs, devotees rely on their friends to
help them complete the journey. Assistants spraying water, possibly to quench some
thirst and reduce the pain of this bearer.
A ritual to mark the beginning of the
sending-off of the Nine Emperor Gods.

A baby in safe hands as the crowd swells. Devotees are seen heading
out after having the back of their shirts stamped by the medium
after crossing the lucky 'gateway' (in background).

A skewer bearer sits patiently while waiting for the procession to begin. Notice how the skewers are pierced through the bearer's cheeks.

Devotees stand at the end of the skewers to avoid injury to passers by as the ends are sharp.

One of the many sedan chairs to ferry
the deities lining up along the road.

With the length of the skewer at almost 10 feet, the bearer has to
constantly adjust the weight and balance with the aid of helpers at their side.
A devotee looking calm despite having an almost
10-feet long skewer across his mouth.
Date: 26 October '09 (Monday)
Time: 7.30pm - 1.00am
Venue: Carnavon Street / Hong Kong Street, Penang

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