Wednesday, September 9, 2009

When the lights go AMBER!

* This is a continuation from yesterday's post on Blissful Bridal Studio's 1st Anniversary Specials. Please note that all images were taken handheld with only available lighting (no flash).

When I heard that Amber Chia would grace the event, I immedidately told myself I have to make myself available, no matter what. It's not that you get to see an international model upclose and in person everyday. I'm still buzzing from Monday night's event, to be honest with you.

Amber was the highlight of the show, without a doubt. As soon as she came on stage, all cameras would trail her every moment and expression. She might not have appeared as often as the other beautiful models, but when she does, you could sense there is some heightened drama and expectation for her to deliver something special.

She delivered alright; and in abundance. From the gait to the look, she was the drama queen strutting her stuff on the runway. These are some of my favorite images I took of Amber.

So here you go - our international model in our very own backyard in Penang island.

Oh what a night!

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