Friday, August 14, 2009


WAKING UP suddenly one day, I began thinking to myself although my mind was still in a muddle:

“Today I am going shooting.. around George Town ..”

I did not know what came to me but I knew one thing was for sure: I need to pick up my camera!

And just like that, I had my awakening, literally and in every photographic sense.

To tell you the truth, I’ve had my Nikon DSLR for almost 2.5 years now but it has seen the darkness of my camera bag more than the lights of Mr. Sunshine >:O)

Before that ‘turning point’, my camera was constantly under-used, under-exposed (pun intended, in reference to its hibernation in the bag!) and most certainly under-appreciated. My earliest photographic exploits (pre Jan ’09) were nothing much to be proud of, suffice to say.

It all changed in late January this year when somehow, I had the sudden urge to do something meaningful with my camera. Not in a world-changing way (yet), but in a way that makes me appreciate the moments around us. Photography is addictive and I believe it’s infectious too, seeing friends who started out with humble point & shoot cameras and now proud owners of DLSR cameras as well. From appreciation to passion; and passion to addiction, all in one seamless evolution.

I remember walking around the heritage sites in George Town for hours on that day, fascinated by the sights, smells and sounds. All these times of passing through the places in a car had somewhat numbed my senses and had made me take for granted of the events that unfold. It sure made me feel like a tourist in my own back yard even though I had lived my entire life in Penang .

My ‘rebirth’ had begun!

I had taken almost 300 shots and only a handful turned out to my liking from that day’s adventure. Well, this image of an old trishaw rider along Stewart Lane is one of them.

I may have (or may have not grown) in terms of photographic skills or styles since then but the images are something of a walk down memory lane, each with a story of their own.
Something which reminds me of how I got started; of how this all began in the first place.

And to think of it, I have walked down many lanes, roads, streets and ghauts in Penang .

So, what about you? Had any similar ‘awakening’ before?


YN said...

I think I should just go out around the old town & just shoot too. I've always wanted to shoot a series on the details of the buildings of Georgetown!

shutterspeed said... should! :O)