Sunday, April 26, 2009

Teluk Kumbar Fishing Village

Here are some of the images taken on a very bright and blue day (25 April '09, to be exact). Definitely a great experience and a good workout as well :O) The smiling faces of the local children made the day even better. Looking back, Teong Keat and I arrived at the scene at around 9am but not much activity in sight yet. Most of the fishing boats were still tied to the shore and the village seemed to have not woken from the slumber or was it we were too early? Anyway, as the sun rose, so did the inhabitants. First, it was the fishermen and then followed by children in groups. The children, especially, were a bundle of joy with their laughters filling the air. What a difference from the city kids; here, digging for shells and building sandcastles were the things that bring most happiness to them. They smiled and waved; I smiled and waved too, in thanks for the friendship that formed in that fleeting photographic moments.

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